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Human Design is a holistic profiling system based on a person’s genetic makeup.


It is a unique and unprecedented harmonious synthesis of the most fundamental spiritual and scientific fields that have never been brought together before.

> Astrology is backed by and matched with (Quantum) Physics and the movement of Neutrinos, allowing us to decode the transmission and imprinting of information.

> The Chakra system is matched with Biology and helps us understand our physical body’s functions.

> The I Ging corresponds with the 64 Codons of our DNA exactly, making the personality traits tangible.

> Lastly, the Kabbala shows us the specific themes that emerge as the individual parts are combined.

Never before have we been able to decode the unique genetic, energetic, physical, biological and characteristic composition of a person by studying a Chart that is generated using only the birth date, time and place!

This unmatched level of depth and accuracy, packaged into a very concise, clear and digestible framework will support you to UN-BECOME WHAT YOU ARE NOT and thus set in motion potent transformations in hyperspeed.


Who were you BORN TO BE before the world told you who you had to be?


What is HUMAN DESIGN about?

As the “Science of Differentiation”, Human Design teaches us that everyone is as individual and unique as can be. That’s why every Design is perfect, there is no comparing, no judgment, no right or wrong and no universally correct behavior or decision.

The fundamental premise of Human Design is that every individual is their own authority when it comes to making the right decisions. That is why the first step is always getting to know your inner authority, your own GPS, your bodily wisdom, your “intuition”, so you can begin making the best decisions for yourself instead of letting other people, your fears or your Ego dictate your life and take you off track.

The main rule to follow is: Listen to the teachings, and then observe, experiment, try around, play with it. Human Design is not a religion or dogma that wants to patronize, it is an experiential science that asks you to test, experience and validate the teachings for yourself. 

Human Design is all about autonomy, sovereignty, liberation, self-empowerment and radical accountability.

What can it do for you?

Human Design simply gives you the following: The permission to be yourself. A Reading with us will help you understand the fundamentals of your Chart. You will gain a very profound, yet practical understanding of your personality, your superpowers, your magnetism, your energy management and sources of struggle. 

When you embark on your Human Design discovery with us, you will get:

  • Self-awareness: Understand why you are a certain way, what you need to be full of energy, how you function, what your superpowers are, what that means in daily life

  • Self-love: Accept all your parts

  • Relief: Free yourself from influences, expectations, pressures, constraints, judgment, conventions

  • Validation: Confirmation of what you always kind of knew about yourself, acknowledgement, recognition and a permission slip to be the realest you

  • Correct decisions: Always decide what is right for you specifically

  • Authenticity, integrity, correct life: Begin to live in alignment with your original design, i.e. with, and no longer against, the flow of life

  • Nature vs Nurture: Find out which behaviors and beliefs are inherently correct and healthy for you, which are learned, conditioned, acquired and habitual

  • Interpersonal relationships: What do others perceive in you, how do you unconsciously influence and condition each other

As certified Analysts, our job is to explain your Chart to you and decode all the information about the genetic structure of your personality. As such, we are objective translators, not fortune tellers.

Every Human Design Journey starts with: THE BODYGRAPH CHART.


The Human Design Bodygraph Chart is a:

# Map of your genetic personality structure

# Blueprint of how you were designed to operate

# Manual containing all the information about your functionalities and needs

If you are just now beginning your Human Design exploration, you will not immediately understand the Bodygraph Chart. Don't worry, that is absolutely natural. Probably, you will turn to Google and search for explanations for your Chart. What you will find are good explanations for singular characteristics of your Chart in the best case, but confusing, misleading or even wrong information in the worst case.

That is why we have spent years studying to become certified Analysts. We can analyze and explain to you the ENTIRETY of your Chart, weaving together the singular pieces of information to give you a complete picture of who you are. Zero confusion.


Now get your own Bodygraph Chart here for free

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