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Why Human Design is better than Myers-Briggs/ 16Personalities

Updated: May 27

Why Human Design will replace Myers-Briggs

I looooove the Myers-Briggs Personality Profiling System, and particularly the 16 Personalities version of it, because everything about it – from the look & feel, to the user experience, to the thorough report – is done with profound expertise, love, taste and an eye for the detail. And it is so damn accurate.

Last time I checked (a few years back), I was categorised a Campaigner (ENFP) and wow, I felt so incredibly seen and finally, I was able to describe and put into neat bullet point lists what kind of a person I was. A “charming, independent, energetic and compassionate” “free spirit” who “enjoys the social and emotional connections they make with others” and “reads between the lines with curiosity and energy” and “sees life as a big, complex puzzle where everything is connected, through a prism of emotion, compassion and mysticism, always looking for a deeper meaning”. And at the same time a damn “sensitive” “over-thinker” who finds it hard “to maintain interest as tasks drift towards routine, administrative matters, and away from broader concepts” and needs support because “their skill with upkeep, administration, and follow-through struggles”. 

Wow, nailed it. 🤯

As someone who has always hated being put in boxes and who has now even founded an entire business around freeing others from their own boxes and cages, I am adamantly against them.

However, I am also quite OCD-ish about structures, overviews, lists, categories, logic and everything that can help make things better, easier and quickly digestible. That’s why I love working with Archetypes and Personality Profiling Systems, because they help everyone put things into perspective. Perspective, not boxes. This perspective is paramount for understanding yourself, others – and in the business context, can help create highly successful teams.

While I truly believe the Myers-Briggs system can be immensely valuable to every individual, every leader, every team and every company that is willing to work with it, I’ve also always had a certain nagging feeling of discontent in the depths of my mind…

  • First, there are always a bunch of questions where I would like to answer “depends”, because I can display two opposite kinds of behaviour in two different situations, so any answer I give will only be half of the truth, or a bland average. Can I be really accurately represented like this?

  • Second, no one can say with absolute certainty that there is no bias when answering the questions. We are, after all, humans who systematically over- and/or underestimate ourselves and we can’t provide a 100% objectivity when answering questions about ourselves. On top of that, we are so much more driven and controlled by our subconsciousness than we’ll ever know, so who is actually doing the answering and through which filter, with which underlying need and motive?

  • Third, we are all adults with our own histories, life paths and careers. Over time, our socialisation, relationships and experiences shaped us with certain patterns of thoughts, behaviours and beliefs. But is that actually our real Self anymore? Or are we merely functioning (and answering questions) according to what our environment has moulded us into over time?

In conclusion, I believe that no profiling system that relies on our own answers to questions about ourselves will ever be able to look behind our well-crafted masks, bypass the effects of our conditionings, filters and biases or grasp the incredible depths and polarities of each and every one of us.

So, it’s no surprise that as I began to professionally explore my life-long interest in Astrology, I had this crazy idea of a new system that would bring Astrology and 16P together and thus give us even more insights into our personality.

After all, according to my 16P report, I would be great “in any human science or service, from psychology, counceling and teaching to politics, diplomacy and detective work”, because “it’s simply not possible to be good in these fields and content with the way things are, and this is where Campaigners truly shine” and “no one is better equipped to merge broad interests and incorporate studies into typically disassociated fields”.

 And then I found Human Design. Or, actually it found me. And it’s so much bigger and better than anything that I – or any single person could have ever created. 

Human Design is an intricate synthesis of ancient and modern sciences that helps us understand ourselves and everyone else in such a holistic and profound way like nothing else that existed before. It shows you the unadulterated version of who you were born to be. And it shows you exactly in which areas you were open to be conditioned, influenced and shaped into something that you are not. Finally, you can begin to lift the masks, put down the heavy burdens on your shoulders, avoid the roadblocks that keep making life so hard, and actually just be yourself. And that Self might actually end up having a different Myers-Briggs personality type. 😉 

So here’s my top 5 reasons why I believe that every individual and every team needs to work with Human Design and why it will soon replace Myers-Briggs (in Private, on Tinder, and in Businesses 😜). 

(I told you I love lists, so what did you expect? 🤓)

  1. HD shows you who you really were born to be, before the world told you who you had to become.

  2. HD is not only a profile report, but it is a map to your Higher Self and an instruction manual on how to decondition yourself from beliefs, thoughts and behaviours that were never yours in the first place, but keep causing you harm and pain.

  3. HD shows you exactly what types of people, activities, places, foods etc. you need to feel your best – emotionally, energetically, mentally and physically.

  4. HD is incredibly empowering, because its core philosophy is that you are the only authority of your life and it teaches you how you can connect to your intuition and learn its language.

  5. HD is extremely liberating, because you’ll finally understand why you have always felt so different than your sister, your partner, your colleagues, helping you not only tolerate, but truly embrace your own and your loved ones’ QUÖRX©.

Your Human Design profile is based on your birth time and place, so the only prerequisite that you need to begin your journey is a general openness to the idea that the movements of planets can have an influence on us. (Ever heard of communication & tech problems during Mercury retrograde? What about ebb and flood that are governed by the moon? ;) )

Note: There is a lot of free information about Human Design on the internet, but the depth and complexity can be overwhelming to a newcomer and it could be a challenge to find reliable sources and information that is easily digestible. To begin your journey properly and take the most out of this amazing system, consider booking a reading with us or another certified analyst, as we will be able to help you navigate and focus first on those areas that are crucial for you personally, without getting lost in the rabbit hole.

If you have any questions, doubts, comments or if you are ready to unlock a new level of understanding, satisfaction and fulfilment, please feel free to get in touch with us. We would be honoured to help you climb out of your box and discover YOU. ✨


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