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The world needs more people to follow their intuitive intelligence

Intuition is King

Get out of the way & let your intuition take the driver's seat

Last week, in a Business Coaching session with an amazing leadership team, I noticed right at the start that the team had very low energy. When I asked them about it, they told me that they were overwhelmed and exhausted. And by the time that one of them said that “The only people that really understand what I’m going through are the people in this room.”, I had become very alert and knew I couldn’t stick to the official curriculum of the program. 

Nothing that happened in the following 1,5 hours was in any way planned or scheduled. I ditched the slide deck and simply trusted my intuition to guide me all the way. My goal was to see everyone leave the session feeling lighter and more self-confident. How? I would find out soon enough. :D

First, I asked the team to reflect on what they LOVE about this team and had them type their words into Mentimeter, a live Wordcloud Generator. As we all watched the cloud grow bigger on the screen, I could feel the team lighting up a bit.

Next, I asked the first person to tell us what she loved most about herself. She had a difficult time coming up with anything, so I decided to do a “compliment shower”. Everyone told each of their teammates what they LOVED about this person and about working with them. As I watched this wonderful team shower each other with deep appreciation, admiration, gratitude and love – and even shed some tears – I could feel their genuine warmth and my own energy rose. I held the space for them and I was deeply moved as I listened to them saying things like “Your belief in me is so amazing, I wish I could only see myself through your eyes” to each other.

I asked the team this week how they felt after our last session and they said that they felt very relieved, had a lot more energy and it helped them get clearer on their purpose and gave them the confidence and excitement to move forward. One of them said she spoke to her husband about the emotional aspects of her job for the first time on that very evening!! ❤️

On another similar occasion, I had deviated from the official curriculum to speak about Burnout prevention and keeping team morale up during Covid instead of Business Strategy. The feedback that I received from that client was one of the best ever, telling me that my intuition and positive attitude were “worth gold”.

Don't be too serious, play around, experiment, have fun

Has my intuition always been strong? Yes.

Have I always been this attuned to my intuition? Hell, No.

Do I really follow my intuition EVERY SINGLE TIME? Most of the time yes, but on occasion no (usually only when the issue isn’t consequential).

Recently, I committed to a project, being fully aware that it went against my intuition, but wanting to see how it panned out – I saw it as an experiment. When everything in that project became increasingly difficult and my frustration grew massively, part of me was still happy somehow, because this was just the last piece of proof that my rational mind needed to be fully convinced that the difference between an intuitive/aligned decision and an anti-intuitive decision is like day and night.

Learn the particular language of your intuition with the help of Human Design

I have been investing a lot in my personal growth and development, particularly in the past 5+ years, so I had already begun to follow my intuition more and more when Human Design found me. But this incredible knowledge helped me Quantum leap from “I THINK this is what my intuition wants” to “My intention shows me the way & I follow without questioning it”.

In Human Design, intuition is called Authority. I was surprised to learn that everyone’s intuition is located somewhere else in the body and “speaks” very differently, because mine is located in the gut and “following your gut feeling” is a pretty common and widely known concept. Of course, that’s not surprising if you consider that 70% of the population (Generator types) have this gut intuition or Sacral Authority. But there are 5 more Authorities that are very different! Once you know what signs to look for in your body, you can begin to learn your intuition’s language and make more decisions that are right for YOU. The more you listen, the more you understand. The more you observe, the more you recognise. The more you follow your very own GPS, the happier, healthier, fulfilled-er you become.

So, please let’s stop resisting FLOW, stop making things hard when they want to be simple, let’s take off the masks, let’s change the official/professional/business way to do stuff. We’re humans interacting with humans. And this world needs more of us that are authentic and intuitive. URGENTLY.


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