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MOJO cup

Bullshit out - MOJO in


It's a weird morning, the night was anything but restful, the alarm rang way too early, you don't really feel like conquering the world...

But then you take 5 minutes, hug your MOJO-cup tight, close your eyes for a moment and consciously choose MOJO.

Maybe you want to think about one little thing you are grateful for right now, smile like a unicorn, hum your favorite song, sway your hips gently, send love to your reflection in the mirror or stroke yourself. Whatever makes YOU feel good - you do you, hon.

Can you feel the MOJO slowly flowing through your veins, can you feel it kissing your chakras awake?

That's exactly why we invented the MOJO-cup. As a friendly reminder, sexy companion and holy grail for the most delicious of all juices: the JUICE OF LIFE.

May your cup be always full-full.

MOJO cup

  • Our MOJO-cup is a porcelain cup in a minimalist Nordic design. It is finished in a high-quality printing process and is dishwasher safe. Made in Germany.

    Colors: white porcelain with black writing

    Dimensions: height: 8,5 cm. Diameter (outside): 8,3 cm

    Filling capacity: approx. 300 ml

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