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We are Victoria Deindl and Özden Sevimli, the Co-Founder and Co-Creator Duo VICTOR Ö.
We first met in 2009 and became friends when we were both working in our first post-graduate jobs as Assistant Brand Managers in the FMCG industry. We both went on to climb the corporate ladder, with Özden later going to Istanbul for an Expat assignment, and Victoria managing the local subsidiary of a Communications agency, both turning into successful business women. That’s where we lost touch a bit. 
Fast forward to 2018: One big fat burnout and 2 children later, we found each other again. Different time, different place, different us. We had both understood the lesson that to live a life worth dying for, we had to fully embrace our unique, unconventional and un-boxable personalities, so we had both embarked on our individual journeys of healing, self-discovery and personal transformation. We were both shedding our corporate identities, we were both burning masks that we had worn for too long, and we were both determined to start living life by our own terms: liberated, authentically & meaningfully.
In this new chapter of our lives, we dedicated ourselves to all kinds of powerful teachings, ancient and modern, to support the process of uncovering our essence and reclaiming our true selves. We began extensive studies and trainings in Human Design, astrology, psychology, archetypes, somatics, trauma, female physiology, energetics, channeling, neurosciences and various other spiritual and scientific teachings. The more we learned, the more we embodied. The more we embodied, the more MOJO we radiated. And the more we were being asked to share of our nectar. 
Neither of us had planned on co-founding a business. Neither of us knew that life had other plans for us. Good thing we surrendered… In 2021, we did a first project together. By 2022, we knew that what we had was very special and decided to officially co-found a business. In 2023, the School of MOJO was born - our very own institution for futuristic spiritual self-empowerment, where we teach what has transformed our lives and preach what we practice ourselves. 
Ours is so much more than just a business co-ownership. We are friends, sisters, co-creators, associates and partners-in-crime who are united in our vision and mission and are bound together by our shared values and the deep respect and love that we have for each other. The School of MOJO is not just a business to us, it is our life’s work, our contribution to a better world, our legacy. It is what we are dedicating our lives to and what we are pouring all of us into. That’s why we always bring our full selves to the table: The business professionals with the solid expertise, the intuitive guides with deep-rooted spiritual practices and the women with a colorful spectrum of personal and professional experience. This includes a combined 20+ years of experience in international Corporate Management roles, 10+ years in Spiritual Transformation education and 8 years in Business Consulting and Leadership Coaching roles.  

Meet the MOJO Squad

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