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Human Design Coachee

The reading with Victoria & Özden was a real highlight for me, full of "nuggets" and helpful recommendations and practical tips. With humour, respect and wisdom they taught me about different characteristics of mine as well as their origins. Their extensive expertise in the field of Human Design and especially their sparking enthusiasm for the subject was really amazing, and contagious! Although I had no previous experience with HD, they made complex knowledge easy to digest. I recognised myself in all descriptions and really felt seen and understood. I am now able to transfer all this information into my everyday life. They also gave me important impulses for my professional reorientation as well as major life issues, so I can unleash my full potential. If you are looking for a competent, enthusiastic, sensitive guide for the important questions of life, or just want to get to know yourself better, I recommend both Victoria & Özden from the bottom of my heart!


Human Design Coachee

The reading with Özden was a life changing experience.  Not only did I learn so much about myself, my motivations and my relationships - it also was a great start for reflection of how I want to live my life. Özden is one of the most open, curious, non-judgmental and connection-embracing people I know - so the fit with Human Design is perfect and she is fully embodying and living it with her whole heart and soul. She navigates through the topics with ease and manages a great balance between providing more insights or theory where needed but also giving you many practical examples and advice to put things into practice right away.  You can tell that she has a lot of expertise on the subject but it never comes across as dogmatic or generalised but really individual and authentic in the moment. The depth and focus she provides in her readings is solely up to the person who is sitting in front of her - she really lets you lead and define what you want to take out.  Highly recommend!


Human Design Coachee

The reading was truly next level and totally blew me away. I left with a lot to think about and still felt super good. It's just fascinating how I found myself in many statements and realised: how beautiful, this is my profile. Knowing about my Human Design has filled me with confidence, energy and joy - I can only recommend it.

And the icing on the cake is Victoria & Özden . <3 

I felt very comfortable during the complete coaching. The two of them can communicate this complex and new knowledge in a simplified, clear and individualised manner, because they have the special gift to respond to whoever is in front of them and explain everything as profound as possible but also as simple as necessary. I feel very comfortable being in your energy. You have this uniquely calm and magnetic energy, which you magically transfer to those around you.


Bootcamp Participant

The Badass Bootcamp was absolutely awesome and I am still sustainably enthused. Özden is absolutely authentic and energetic :) She shares her knowledge with a lot of power, charm, humor, love and an infectious passion, so that after each session you leave energised and looking forward to the next assessment and the next session. She doesn't just pass on theoretical knowledge - she has lived through this learning process herself and knows exactly what she is talking about. She gives a lot of practical exercises, aha-moments and everyday tips for living your own Badass personality every day. I can wholeheartedly recommend Özden to anyone who wants to understand and get to know themselves better and work on living a happy, fulfilled and authentic Badass life.


Workshop Participant

The Human Design workshop was so eye-opening! You are two mega power houses! What you have put together is really powerful! I find it difficult to describe but a lot has shifted in my head and I already feel much more comfortable being myself in the world.


Human Design Coachee

As a Human Design novice, I came out of the session energised by the incredibly valuable ‘me time’. The reading with Victoria felt like a rare opportunity to really dig into what’s important, natural and right for me. In a busy daily schedule, it is difficult to carve out self-reflection time. This session offers an opportunity to extend self-awareness without feeling self-indulgent.


Marketing Agency

Özden was our Consultant for Business Development, Positioning & Strategy. We had intense sessions that were always fun despite their importance and complexity. Why? Because Özden met us where we were. She had answers to our questions, solutions to our problems and showed us alternative and smart ways when we were in a mental dead end. She always brought a smile, ease and lightness to our meetings, ensuring that the Consulting journey not only advanced us in terms of expertise and content, but also brought us a lot of joy.


PR Agency

Victoria combines deep professional expertise with a positive, motivating and team-leading approach. Victoria quickly works her way into complex structures. She has been an asset in all aspects of our project with her innovative ideas and thinking as well as her vision. 


Strategy Consulting

Özden is very inspiring, creative and reliable. She learns very quickly, brings new impulses and is very committed to doing things hands-on. She understands our clients on a deep level and always goes the extra-mile to help them transform. In addition, she is a real role model for our younger team members.


German Entrepreneurship
Amaze Growth

Listen to the FemBoss Podcast Episode with Özden:

Özden Sevimli im Femboss Podcast
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