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Human Design - Purpose Reading

Why the crazy fuck am I here?

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 360 euros
  • Google Meet Videocall

Service Description

The Purpose Reading will help you come much closer to understanding what you were designed to be, do and embody in this precious life of yours. We will answer these questions and more: # What brings me alive? # What am I here to do? # What’s the general theme of my life? # What’s my base motivator? # What’s my path? Where am I headed? # What do I need to leave behind? # What potential talents do I have & can I nurture? # How do I get access to my energy and my talents? # Do I fulfil my purpose by focusing on myself, my tribe or the collective? # Am I oriented rather by the past, present or the future? # and more... >> Content: 90min live Reading online via Google Meet + audio recording of the session >> Prerequisite: You should have had a Foundations Reading with us or someone else. >>> Booking: Choose Victoria or Özden in the Dropdown Staff Filter >> During the Reading: We want to introduce your wonderful Design to you, so we do most of the speaking, but we encourage you to make it a conversation, share examples and ask questions. Decide for yourself whether you want to take notes or not. In any case, you will get the audio recording afterwards and we recommend to listen to it several times, as each time serves as a reminder/refresher, information is reinforced or something lands for the first time. >> Tips: This Reading is one of the best presents you can gift yourself. So, take that time, make sure you’re undisturbed and maybe you can pamper yourself and make it extra-special with your favorite candle and a nice cup of tea. Try to keep your agenda light after the Reading, so you can relax and digest the information. Let us shower you with love & admiration when we unlock all the wonderful magic of your Human Design chart for you. These 90 Minutes are about you and you only! 💝

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