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MOJO Boost Call

Help!! I need some VICTOR Ö!

  • 45 min
  • 200 euros
  • Google Meet Videocall

Service Description

I there a topic, situation, burning matter where you need guidance, orientation, courage, love, cheerleading or ass-kicking? We are world-class cheerleaders, ass-kickers, brainwashers, hype-women, celebrators, motivators and activators! If you ever need a powerful MOJO Boost - you know whom to call! Anytime you want, as often as you need. Be warned, though: Our MOJO Boost calls may be short, but they are extremely powerful. They can be catalyzers, fertilizers, wake-up calls that lead to Quantum leaps in your transformation! Expect the unexpected. And get ready for accelerated elevation. We can never tell whether it’s us or the client that is more hyped and energized after these sessions. But one thing’s sure: We set big things in motion.

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