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My Personal Brand

What is the ME-est ME there ever was and how do I present her to the world?

  • 30 minutes
  • Google Meet Videocall

Service Description

“My Personal Brand” is a Coaching Journey for those who not only want to understand who they are, but who want to curate a Personal Brand to share with the outside world based on their authentic and multi-faceted personality. This Journey will enable you to unequivocally position yourself, describe who you are and what you stand for. You will find the confidence and courage to say No, set boundaries, speak up, take a stand and become a light tower for yourself and others. You will fall in love or at least make peace with all of your parts and stop making yourself small to “fit in” or please others. This is not a Personal Brand building program that is focused on teaching you how and what you should post on LinkedIn to become super-visible. We concentrate on the more important step before that - the YOU of it all: discovering who you are, defining what you authentically stand for and what you want the world to see when you step out. And when you do step out after this program, you will know what to talk about, how to present yourself and you will automatically attract the people that are right for you. You’re welcome. 💜 We will go on this journey of around 3 months with you and guide you every step of the way with our expertise, experience and our awesome frameworks. During this jam-packed journey, you will: # Get your Human Design Foundations Reading # Do self-assessments of characteristics, values, beliefs, habits # Work on reflection prompts You will leave with: # An in-depth assessment of your personality, your energetic + genetic blueprint & your needs # Your Archetypes # Your Story # Your Vision for your life # Your own Elevator Pitch # Your Personal Brand # Your Action Steps on how to have an impact # Your MOJO Manifest >> Content: 10h Coaching, online in 5-6 Sessions via Google Meet, pdf Workbook >> Prerequisite: None >> Price: 2.500€ >> Booking: Please book a free introductory call with one of us first so we can answer any questions you might have and decide together whether this is the right fit for everyone.

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