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Speaker/ Moderator/ Host Engagement

Let us set your stage on fire with MOJO, Disco & Glitter Confetti!

  • 30 minutes
  • Google Meet Videocall

Service Description

You like what we do? You want to spice up your event? Or do you want to bring some MOJO into your business organization? Go ahead & book us as speakers, hosts or moderators for your next event. We love the stage (and the stage loves us 🤓) and we promise that it will be refreshingly different. These are some of the topics we can currently barely shut up about: 🪩 The New Era (What's happening & what's coming? New Work, New Leadership, Generation Whisperers, Gen Z...) 🪩 Human Design 🪩 Astrology 🪩 Authenticity 🪩 Intuition 🪩 Energy Management 🪩 Diversity 🪩 Cyclic Living 🪩 Female Leadership 🪩 Modern Spirituality 🪩 Intuitive Coaching 🪩 Self-Empowerment (self-love, self-worth, confidence, imposter etc.) 🪩 Our Journeys (Breaking rules, breaking free from conventions, merging spirituality and business, burnout, motherhood, diversity, cofounding as friends...) 🪩 ... surprise us 😉 Book an introductory call here to talk about all the deets.

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